Skip tracing defines the techniques and products used to locate people. In the ARM context, debt collectors are trying to find debtors that are not reachable using contact information on hand. Most ARM companies use the services of skip tracing vendors who furnish access to massive databases of consumer contact information mined from public records, credit reports, and many other sources.

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TransUnion Partners with Global Debt Registry to Offer Registry Services for Debt Buyers and Financial Institutions

20 April 2015

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7 April 2015

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2 February 2015

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28 January 2015

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17 December 2014

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4 December 2014

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21 November 2014

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20 October 2014

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11 September 2014

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8 September 2014

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3 September 2014

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13 June 2014

Doing Something Practical to Beat Compliance Challenges

4 June 2014

FTC Calls for Congress to Act on Consumer Data Issues, Specifically Skip Tracing

28 May 2014

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27 May 2014

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22 April 2014

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21 April 2014

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10 April 2014

LexisNexis Acquires Tracesmart, UK Provider of Consumer Data, Risk, and Skip Tracing Solutions

2 April 2014

Callcredit Information Group Acquired by GTCR from Vitruvian

18 February 2014