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Debt Collection Becoming an Actual Issue in Hot State AG Election

28 July 2014

Debt Collector at Center of Political Donation Scandal in Texas

17 June 2014

Website Estimates Two-Thirds of Higher ED, Gov't RFPs are Real Opportunities

7 May 2014 Launches Revamped Vendor Center

5 March 2014

NGM Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary by Offering 10 Free Leads to New Clients in 2014

23 January 2014

New State Debt Collection Law Unintentionally Closes Check Program

30 December 2013

Website Announces Free Trial Promo for Student Loan & Government Contracts

3 December 2013

Outsourcing RFP Responses Yields $100 Million to Collection Agencies

20 November 2013

Collectors Can't Disclose Debts to Third Parties, But Governments Can?

7 October 2013

Check Collection Firm Reaches $3.2 million Settlement

6 September 2013

State-Level Government Debt Collection Outsourcing Expanding

24 June 2013

Oregon House Passes Bad Check Collection Bill

17 June 2013

Municipal Services Bureau Expands into Wyoming

12 June 2013

Executive Change: MSB Welcomes Leah Huff as New Business Development Executive

4 June 2013 Exceeds $50B in Gov’t & Student Loan RFPs

29 May 2013

Columbia Ultimate Announces New Corporate Structure with Strategic Units

21 May 2013

Debt Collection Bills Advance in Western States

17 May 2013

Newspaper Pushes for Restrictions on Bad Check Collection

9 May 2013

Town Looking for Collection Agency to Help with Debt

9 May 2013

District Attorneys Back Off Private Check Collection Contracts

16 April 2013