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Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Starmark Financial Announces Call Center Expansion

27 March 2024

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

No Injury, No Standing, No Entry to Florida State Court

26 March 2024

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Longtime Industry Veteran Robert Russo Announces Retirement

26 March 2024

 [Image by creator dim4ik69 from AdobeStock]

Report Shows Credit Reporting Issues Dominate CFPB Consumer Complaints

25 March 2024

 [Image by creator James Steidl from AdobeStock]

CFPB Bites of the Month - February 2024 - "I Got You, CFPB".

21 March 2024

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Greenberg Advisors Releases its M&A Updates for ARM and RCM / HCIT

21 March 2024

Image of a blackboard with a 3 item checklist that includes Plan, Prepare, Perform [Image by creator Yury Zap from AdobeStock]

How to Achieve Regulatory Exam Readiness

20 March 2024

Photo of courthouse building with "judicial" written on it [Image by creator Natalia Bratslavsky from AdobeStock]

CFPB and Plaintiffs Fully Brief Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Trade Group Lawsuit Regarding Final Credit Card Late Fee Rule

19 March 2024

Image of a compass with the arrow pointing towards the word "trend" [Image by creator Olivier Le Moal from AdobeStock]

How Consumer Credit Trends Impact Debt Collection in 2024

18 March 2024

 [Image by creator dvalmas from AdobeStock]

MN Bill Proposes to Ban Medical Debt Sales

14 March 2024

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock] Launches New Multichannel Offerings for the Debt Collections Industry

14 March 2024

 [Image by creator Andy Dean from AdobeStock]

New Hampshire Enacts Comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Law

13 March 2024

Nautical themed picture of life preserver and wooden dock that says "New on Board" [Image by creator DOC RABE Media from AdobeStock]

Executive Appointment: Phillips & Cohen Announces the Hiring of Kacey Rask to SVP, Growth & Partnerships, North America.

13 March 2024

Brick wall with ladder leading to the top, where it says "Next Step" [Image by creator alexmillos from AdobeStock]

Jessica Klander Elected Chief Operating Officer of Bassford Remele

13 March 2024

Robot standing up, writing on a black board full of mathematical formulas [Image by creator phonlamaiphoto from AdobeStock]

CBA “Checks the Math” on Recent CFPB Credit Card Report Finding Large Bank Issuers Charge Higher Interest Rates Than Smaller Issuers

12 March 2024

A brown door mat with the word "WELCOME" written in black [Image by creator Winston Link from AdobeStock]

Pollack & Rosen Expands Litigation Defense Division with Addition of Attorney Michael A. Gold, LL.M.

12 March 2024

 [Image by creator  from ]

The War on Fees Intensifies: Presidential Strike Force and Industry’s Legal Counterattack

11 March 2024

Trophy [Image by creator chones from AdobeStock]

Two Decades of Leadership: How SAM Redefined the Debt Industry Landscape

11 March 2024

 [Image by creator from AdobeStock]

Republican Representatives Urge CFPB to Revisit Proposed Payment App Rule

7 March 2024

 [Image by creator dim4ik69 from AdobeStock]

CFPB Seeks Approval for New Auto Finance Data Collection

6 March 2024