ARLINGTON, Va. – September 7, 2022 – Convoke, a leader in SaaS solutions for the debt collection market, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product: Freeform - a secure and auditable file-sharing tool built for collaboration between credit issuers and third parties.


Freeform is designed to be a flexible, secure, and easy-to-use collaboration platform for credit issuers, collection agencies, law firms, and debt buyers. With Freeform, users can upload, share, view, and download files easily – all in one centrally managed location. With its clear, intuitive design, Freeform provides endless flexibility for its users’ needs. Whether for background checks, third-party audits, ad hoc document sharing, or any other use case, Freeform can support it. It is built with security in mind on Convoke’s trusted, independently audited architecture with no data stored in the public cloud. Whether it’s commercial sharing systems, other shared drives, or email, all current solutions pose serious security issues and lack systemic organization. Freeform overcomes these problems by allowing Convoke customers to share files securely and easily.

“We are very pleased to present this new product to the recovery industry,” said David Pauken, CEO of Convoke. “Credit issuers and their third parties need an easy, flexible, and secure method to send and receive unstructured files on a trusted platform which they can audit to ensure it meets their strict security protocols. Until today, no such solution existed in the market. Convoke is confident that Freeform will add significant value to what we offer to our customers through our existing platform.”

Convoke will continue to develop and expand the capabilities of Freeform to fit the changing business and regulatory requirements of credit issuers. Freeform adds to the existing value that Convoke provides to the collections market and foreshadows more innovative products still to come.Convoke Logo

About Convoke

Convoke is an oversight management system that is transforming the way credit issuers manage third-party debt collection, leveraging a decade of experience for the issuers it serves. It provides unprecedented transparency and accountability, facilitating issuer debt validation and third-party oversight.  With its powerful reporting, tracking, and auditing capabilities, issuers are able to have confidence that they are in compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. Convoke enables credit issuers to grow recovery, reduce costs, improve compliance, and protect their brand. Convoke is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information on Convoke, please visit 

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