CINCINNATI, OH- Recovery Decision Science, LLC (RDS) has acquired the assets and technology of Geist Holdings, Inc. (Geist), a skip trace processing organization that applied proprietary data mining and quantitative analytics to provide unparalleled service finding account holder places of employment. 

This acquisition improves and complements the services that RDS already offered by providing additional options for identifying employment on consumer accounts. RDS, an affiliate of Unifund that leverages data science, servicing transparency, and compliance to optimize recovery results of consumer credit accounts, will continue to offer their improved services through Lexis Nexis while expanding RDS’s capabilities, services, and data processing. 

“Recovery Decision Science is excited to work more closely with the team behind Geist and enhance our state-of-the-art data verification services capabilities,” says Andrew Hagerman, Vice President of Acquisitions for Unifund. “Unifund and Geist began their relationship in 2007 and RDS has worked with Geist since 2010. Together, Unifund and RDS were Geist’s largest client. This acquisition allows our team to leverage their technology, people, and resources to expand our unique automated searching processes.”

History Built on Partnership

Geist, formerly headquartered in Evansville, IN, built its company on locating place of employment information when all other companies were unsuccessful. Geist leveraged automation, broad data sources, right party information, verified active employment, and continuous monitoring services to form the “GHI Advantage.” 

A New Chapter

The team behind Geist has been integrated into RDS. RDS’s cutting-edge IT department and expansive resources will amplify Geist’s services. RDS will incorporate Geist’s established proprietary automation processes, which utilize online data collection techniques to give a much deeper search than manual skip tracers and will perform exponentially more search variations with increased speed and accuracy. Leveraging the acquired talent and technology and RDS’s resources, RDS will now offer expanded services and data processing.  

The new RDS team members will work first on exploring additional verified asset solutions. RDS will combine both companies’ data sets to form an unmatched database for the team to operate.

Amplified Legal Servicing

The acquisition also helps improve all facets of RDS’s services. RDS was born out of a love for data. RDS applies machine learning to its account analytics models to pinpoint consumers with the highest probability to pay and to determine if they pay, how much they will pay. With the new skill set, knowledge base, and processes acquired in this transaction, RDS will improve and expand its master servicing options for clients. 

RDS offers a customizable full-service solution for creditors to manage their receivables—including account decisioning, contact collection, collections portal, legal account scoring, pre-legal recovery strategies, litigation, judgment execution and RDS’s best-in-class asset location. RDS uses its transparent, client-accessible reporting platform and valuable insights gained through years of analyzing the performance of its affiliates’ debt portfolios to become the perfect partner. 

The enhanced RDS team believes in delivering only reliable, current, and actionable data that provides clients the highest revenue possible. To purchase RDS’s expanded services or to learn more about Recovery Decision Science, visit the company’s website at

About Geist 

Geist served the collection industry with a commitment to data quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance. Geist automated the internet skip tracing process and leveraged automation to perform a much deeper search, across a wider range of data sources. It provided additional sources of place of employment information that was not available with any other company.

About Recovery Decision Science

Recovery Decision Science (RDS) is built on the idea of offering proven data analytics and scoring science to consumer receivables portfolio owners and servicers to improve collections and recovery success. Its proprietary mix of analytic tools pinpoints accounts with the highest propensity to pay. RDS has been refining its approach to data science through 30 years of experience in recovering thousands of account portfolios with affiliate, Unifund. RDS is headquartered in Cincinnati.

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