MCLEAN, Va. -- Numeracle™ Inc. (“Numeracle”), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, today announced the release of its STIR/SHAKEN Implementation Report (“Implementation Report”) summarizing voice service provider progress implementing the STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID Authentication Framework and submissions of certified Robocall Mitigation Plans since June 30, 2021.

June 30 marked the deadline for all voice service providers to certify in the Robocall Mitigation Database that they have fully implemented STIR/SHAKEN or have instituted a Robocall Mitigation Plan to ensure that they are not originating illegal robocalls. This Implementation Report compares the current count of those who have fully or partially implemented STIR/SHAKEN to those who have filed Robocall Mitigation Plans and how this may evolve as providers make decisions to accept or block traffic post-deadline.

To encourage voice service providers to implement effective Robocall Mitigation Plans, the September 28 deadline set forth by the FCC prohibits intermediate and terminating voice service providers from accepting calls directly from a service provider not listed in the Robocall Mitigation Database (Second Caller ID Authentication Report and Order, 36 FCC Rcd at 1904, para. 87).

As we reach this deadline, the FCC issued Fourth (WC Docket No. 17-97) and Fifth (CG Docket No. 17-59) Notices of Proposed Rulemaking focusing on the expectation on gateway providers to prevent illegal robocalls originating abroad from entering the U.S. The FCC is also seeking comments on the efficacy of the Robocall Mitigation Database, and its continued role moving forward.

To access the Numeracle STIR/SHAKEN Implementation Report, visit For service provider recommendations on implementing identity vetting and verification in support of STIR/SHAKEN implementation, download the Numeracle and Aegis Mobile KYC best practices guide at

About Numeracle

Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) and Verified Identity™ platform empower the delivery of legal, wanted communications. By working with technology providers, carriers, device manufacturers, analytics companies, and others, we provide visibility, control, and management across the major stakeholders influencing communications delivery to give businesses control over their brand's identity. Core competencies include prevention and management of improper blocking and labeling, KYC-based entity verification and credentialing for STIR/SHAKEN, and branded communications through rich call data (RCD). To learn more, visit

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