CEDAR FALLS, IA – Today, data company LocateSmarter announced the launch of Movali 2.0, a phone append product. Movali 2.0 allows customers to create custom phone append products in real-time by choosing from a list of available data sources. The customer is provided with metrics on each data source’s hit rate, phone type, priority score and processing time.

This news comes just months after the company’s first announcement of Movali.

LocateSmarter President Chad Benson explained, “With our first Movali product release, we created a phone append product focused on data quality and reducing excess bad data. We worked with our data sources to tighten up the logic used to determine matches and in doing so, we were able to compete with leading data providers and win champion challenger tests. With Movali 2.0, we’ve expanded our data sources and added the ability to customize around each source. We’re introducing a disruptive approach to the market that empowers our customers.”

Benson commented that many data providers use similar data sources in their phone append products, however, the customer doesn’t typically have visibility into the overlapping data sources.

“With Movali 2.0, we’re being extremely transparent.” Benson added, “We give our customers visibility into the data sources and provide them with metrics to help them tailor the product to fit their specific business needs.”

Movali 2.0 features an interactive dashboard that shows statistics on each data source. These metrics are shown in real-time and include hit rate, phone type, priority score and processing time. In addition, Movali’s waterfall simulator displays how the product will perform based on the order of the chosen data sources.

However, LocateSmarter doesn’t just leave it up to the customer to create their phone append product, they delegate a team of data strategists and analytics professionals to help the customer make sense of their data and recommend  specific Movali data sources.

“I think what is unique about LocateSmarter is that we really roll up our sleeves and dig into the data with each client,” stated Manager of Consumer Data Strategy, Chance Hoskinson. “We want our customers to be able to clearly see how our products can deliver a positive impact to their operations – how we can help decrease wrong numbers, how we can increase right party contact rates, and how they can ultimately collect more money while reducing labor and data costs.”

Movali 2.0 is also helping meet clients’ requirements too.

Hoskinson mentioned, “What’s great about Movali 2.0 is that if our customers want all landline phone numbers – we can accommodate that in a few simple clicks. If they need to manage to a specific hit rate due to limited internal resources – we can handle that too. Plus, at any time, they can make changes to the product themselves too. Everything can be done in real-time through our easy-to-use online platform.”

LocateSmarter will deliver a complete set of scrubs products in the coming months and plans to introduce Movali 3.0 are well underway. Movali 3.0 will focus on leveraging disposition data in the analytics and decision making process.

For more information on LocateSmarter’s newest phone append product or for partnership opportunities, please call 888-254-5501 or visit www.locatesmarter.com.

About LocateSmarter™

LocateSmarter, LLC., a subsidiary of CBE Companies, was formed in 2012 with a mission to deliver next generation, cloud-based skip trace solutions for accounts receivable management and collection purposes. The company developed an online application focused on providing quality consumer data.

LocateSmarter’s key values include:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency by focusing on data quality
  • Providing measurable data so businesses can make educated decisions about their skip tracing strategies
  • Streamlining the data testing and onboarding process with a patented online platform

Interested data partners are advised to contact LocateSmarter at 866-912-1314 or info@locatesmarter.com.

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