DBA International is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd on understanding the new risks in the bankruptcy claim process. Companies that participate in the bankruptcy claims process have faced a flood of litigation since the 2014 Crawford opinion by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

That decision permitted an FDCPA claim to continue against a debt buyer on the basis that it had filed a proof of claim on a debt which was subject to an expired statute of limitations. Although not all courts agree with Crawford, the decision has resulted in spin-off litigation throughout the country.

Aside from litigation, a recent $50 million Department of Justice settlement with a large national bank over its consumer bankruptcy practices suggests a growing regulatory interest in creditor activity in consumer bankruptcy cases.

This live webinar will:

  • Discuss the evolution of “Crawford-type” claims and where they are proliferating
  • Examine how certain events in a bankruptcy case can limit or extinguish liability for Crawford-type claims
  • Discuss how the bankruptcy claims process is used to exact awards of attorney’s fees and damages against creditors without a lawsuit ever being filed
  • Provide tips to strengthen your bankruptcy claims process
  • Highlight recent efforts by DBA International in support of debt buying companies who participate in the bankruptcy claims process

This course qualifies for one and a half (1.5) credits for those individuals seeking or renewing their Certified Receivables Compliance Professional (CRCP) designation through DBA International.

Sponsored by Stenger & Stenger, this 90-minute webinar features attorneys Tom Dominczyk, Alan Hochheiser and Don Maurice who will examine recent lawsuits brought against debt buying companies since Crawford, and the recent activities of the CFPB and the Department of Justice directed at consumer bankruptcy cases.

Members and non-members can register for Understanding the New Risks in the Bankruptcy Claim Process webinar at http://www.dbainternational.org/education/live-webinar-series/.

About DBA International

DBA International (DBA) is the nonprofit trade association that represents more than 575 companies that purchase performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. DBA’s Receivables Management Certification Program and its Code of Ethics set the “gold standard” within the receivables industry due to its rigorous uniform industry standards of best practice which focus on the protection of the consumer. DBA provides its members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. DBA continually sets the standard in the receivables management industry through its highly effective grassroots advocacy, conferences, committees, taskforces, publications, webinars, teleconferences, and breaking news alerts. Founded in 1997, DBA International is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

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