MENLO PARK, Calif. -- It's easy to overlook the significance of grassroots engagement and local participation in the democratic process—however, leaders like the Sr. Director of Business Operations at Latitude by Genesys, Cris Bjelajac, are setting an example by actively participating in their local elections. Bjelajac volunteered as a Precinct Officer for his local elections on Super Tuesday, March 5th.

“I started volunteering in 2020 because most of the existing volunteers were the incredible women of the League of Women Voters, but due to pandemic concerns they could not risk leaving their homes.” Bjelajac said. “You may remember that during the primary season that year, voters were waiting sometimes hours to cast their ballot at locations across the country. That’s because at many polling places there were so many voters and a lack of able volunteers. Since then, I have really enjoyed doing it, both in local elections and town meetings, as well as State and National Primaries and Elections. Getting to be part of the democratic process in this country is truly an honor.”

The Local Elections Landscape

Local elections often serve as the bedrock of any democratic society. They impact immediate communities, shaping policies and decisions that directly affect residents' day-to-day lives. From school board positions to city council seats, these elections provide an opportunity for citizens to have a direct hand in crafting the future of their neighborhoods. “If you’ve never gone to a town meeting, I highly recommend you try to attend one this year. It’s democracy at its most basic. Enlightening, encouraging, sometimes maddening, and yet often fun,” says Bjelajac.

Being There for the Community

A precinct director plays a crucial role in ensuring that the democratic process is accessible and inclusive. Being there for the community means creating an environment where every voice can be heard, regardless of background or circumstance. By volunteering time and expertise, this leader exemplifies a commitment to fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected.

Latitude By Genesys' commitment to a smooth electoral process reflects a broader corporate ethos of social responsibility. “Genesys has a huge commitment to volunteerism, and provides not only the ability to redirect my time to charitable causes, it also matches those contributions monetarily allowing me to donate hard dollars to charities of my choice.” Bjelajac explained. By actively participating in local elections, the company not only demonstrates a commitment to citizenship but also recognizes that a thriving community is essential for sustainable local and national success.

About Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys® is a comprehensive debt collection and recovery solution for managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and workflow processes. It provides collectors and agents with the tools to manage the debt collection and recovery process and provides full functionality for the collector’s or agent’s desktop and deploys as a true zero-footprint, browser-based environment. Since 1996, Latitude’s focus has been to provide the most forward-thinking, attractive solution to the business needs of different people and companies in the accounts receivable management (ARM) space. Acquired by Genesys in 2016, Latitude is continually growing, innovating, and reshaping the technology expectations and customer experiences of ARM companies and their consumers.

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